SACAU is committed to a transformative agenda to agricultural development which is growth oriented and enterprise development focused. Core to its mission is promoting, advancing, protecting, defending the common interests of farmers in the region.

We believe strong farmers organisations are the prerequisite to strengthening the position and well-being of farming communities within countries in the region.

SACAU is a regional farmers’ organisation representing the common interest of farmers in southern Africa. It is membership based, and its core membership is open to national general apex farmers’ organisations in southern African countries.

Our organisation embraces diversity in agricultural systems, there is room for all types of agriculture (subsistence, small, medium, large) in the region.


SACAU’s core membership consists of national general interest apex farmers’ organisations who are referred to as “Ordinary Membership”. These organisations should represent farmers on a voluntary basis; be reasonably representative of farmers in the relevant country of southern Africa; are autonomous and legitimate farmer controlled organisations; are independent of political parties, and share common values and principles with SACAU.

“Associate Membership” is open to regional commodity organisations, Agro Business Organisations with a regional outreach, Agricultural corporative organisations with a regional outreach and any organisation with a regional outreach participating in the agricultural value chain.

“Honorary Membership” can be afforded by members in their sole discretion to such organisations and/or individuals who meet a certain criteria.

SACAU is officially recognised by COMESA, SADC, AUC, NEPAD and other intergovernmental bodies as their partner on matters relating to agricultural development in the southern African region.